Tony's Mowers


Tony has been collecting mowers since 1990-91.
He has every victa that was ever made up to the
Sheerlines and Four Star's.
He is the very proud owner of the Automatic and the Edger.
The Automatic is his pride and joy and i thank him
very much for the chance to see it in person.
Tony is a Fitter Machineist by trade and it's obvious
that his skills in this area has been of great advantage
to him with the restorations.

He is also known by his friend Big Ed, as the Encyclopedia of Victa.

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Check out these 2 monsters

This beast produces about 8 HP, attracts a lot of attention at shows.

This is a twin cylinder, both engines actually run seperately. he is thinking about adding a 3rd. WOW

His Automatic


Some of his victa collection

Tony's collection is much better than these photo's show. I have been invited to return so i may take some better shots. I will put them up as soon as i get them, along with more of his collection. He has been very kind to share his collection with us and i look forward to seeing again. Thanks Tony

Glass slide, used to advertise Victa Mowers in the theaters. (placed in front of the projector)