Theo's Restorations


Ajax Piston Pump

Theo found this on the tip and spent months restoring it.
It's a MA Series, Type 28L.

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Moffat Virtue

This is a model V3 2 1/4 HP single cylinder engine.
It is water cooled, and were available to run on petrol & petrol - kerosene.
This one is a petrol engine built in the mid 1940's.
Moffat Virtue were located in Rosebery and were bought out by
Fire Fighting Enterpises in about 1964-65.
The engine has a 3" bore and runs at 750-1000RPM.


Rotomo Model 2

Theo has done a great job considering what he had to start with.

Well done and thanks for sharing.





Buzacott C 6HP

This baby weighs well over 200Kg and stands about 4'6" tall.
Single cylinder Petrol engine made by Rosebery in Rosebery Sydney About 1940's vintage.
Runs at speeds of 600 to 800RPM.
Rosebery badges their engines for a number of other companies,
Buzacott,Champion and there could be some others.
Rosbery was taken over by Westinghouse but not sure of the date though.