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Members Photos and Event Pics

Have a look at Ken's beautifully restored Victa's

Check out JC's Specials & Rotomo's

Gaz's Little Rippers, have a look

Restoration of a Model 2a by Gaz

Model 3 restoration( Gaz is at it again)

Dave's Classic Victa Special

Brian's powder coated restorations.

Garry's Mowers

Big Ed's Mowers

Tony's Mowers

Theo's restorations

Andrew's Mowers

Steves Aussie vintage mowers

Jarrad's Mowers

Borge's Mowers

Davo's Mowers

Patrick's Mowers

Breadman's Victa Special

Deano's Mowers

Bill's Engines

Bryce's Victa 18 Hot Rod

Billie's Victa Special

Robert's Mowers

Warrick's Reel Mowers

Tony Crossley

Alan's Mowers (alwil)



at Nurragingy Recreation Reserve 28th May 2006

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