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Model 2a restoration

Stage 1

This is a Model 2a Rotomo.

We are following the restoration of this mower by Gaz.

After he purchased the mower, he replaced the original base with another 2a in better condition.The cowel is getting his attention at the moment before moving on with the rest of the resto.

Note the pull starter with it's concave construction which was unique with this model.

Stage 2

Pulled it all appart and prepared the cowel for painting. Sanded base and bars. Engine starting to get the treatment.

Stage 3

Base plate, tank, cowel and bars all painted and ready to be put together.

Stage 4

Nice lever with victa on it. Very nice polishing job on the starter. Where are the wheels?

Tank is looking good with the decal on it.

Nearly there.



What a great job.

Well done gaz, another for the lounge room.