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Victa Model 1 Rotomo

Victa started to manufacture his own engines for 2 reasons, 1 was a general shortage of engines at the time and the other was due to the Villiers engine not being made to take the shock loading which was imparted by the mower being asked to work for long periods in long grass and stubble, so a new engine had to be made to be stronger and more robust.

From John Mason (Ex Associate Director marketing of Victa Mowers)
2 men, Ces Anderson and Frank Sneesby who worked for Victa convinced Merv to build a prototype engine which they believed was the way to go forward.
After being granted permission to go ahead, they managed to persuade a company called Australian Forge and Engineering Co to diecast the crankcase and when Merv started the engine after the second pull, the Victa 125cc engine was born.


The early model 1 Rotomo engine is a 125cc.
It has slightly larger fins on the block as well as the head in comparison to the model 2.

   There is no "Victa 125cc"  name on front of Crankcase.

The mounting shaft on the crankcase was longer than that of the model 2 with no spacers used when connected to the base plate.



Victa Model 1 Rotomo
Breakdown of parts.
"Still under construction"

Carburettor Victa 3F with a brass compression type union.
The heat generated by this fitting caused fuel vaporising.
In use the fitting tended to become loose.
This union was fitted to Model 1 Victa code 1 - 1955-56 only.




Flywheel Wico - pacy (Wipac)

Diameter 6 1/2 (65.1mm)

Weight 5 1/4LBS (2.381kg)


Throttle lever.


Air Filter with sad face Victa emblem.


Tin wheels


Pulley ESS 4, better known as the Top Hat or Witches Hat.


Engine 125cc